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Kai Vanora by strawburdeath
Kai Vanora
(Note: uniform as above with the skirt past the ankles. Kai travels by wheel chair)

Name: Kai Vanora
Age: 11
Gender: female
Height: 5'3
Weight: 170.
House: Griffindor 
Blood:N/A Not of human blood anyway (However, she says she is a mudblood)
About: One of few mermaid to attend a wizard school and the first to attend Hogwarts. When she was discovered to be a wizard her parents wanted her to learn and fought for the government to let her enter a school. So they gave Kai the best of the wizarding schools and helped her pass for human and enter the school. Should she fail then the laws keeping other species from wizarding schools would remain, and many children will never be able to go to a wizard school 
Wand: Mangrove 11 in. hippogryph feather
Pet:… or… (I couldn't pick which one, ill change it when I make up my mind
Accessories: She keeps her hair pinned up with sticks, leather gloves (wheel chair), old yellowed and sea water stained canvas bag, 
Kora Socotra by strawburdeath
Kora Socotra

Personal Information
Name: Kora Socotra
Sex: Female pansexual
Age: 19
Physical Appearance: 
    In Game: As seen in picture.
    Outside of Game: short brown hair, blue eyes, a scar running from her left cheek all the way down her spine .

    In Game: steel piercings, white feathers in her hair, black tattoos on her cheeks( clothing as above with a very long brown coat and dark grey pants. She goes barefoot with her feet wrapped partially in bandages
    Outside of Game: Black T shirts (mostly for fandoms or bands or what not) and a long dark blue skirt. and converse sneakers

Personality:Often considered a "beater" by others, she is a solo fighter with a knack for causing trouble and using a slight of hand to make things go her way. She is good humored person who is afraid that anyone who trys to get close to her won't be fast enough to keep up to her. She never wants to settle down in one place, she is always looking for new sights. She tries to avoid talking to people in the game about her personal life, she doesn't want pity for her handicap, she doesnt want people to hold back, if she's going to win she's going to win with a fair fight, likewise if she loses. she joined the game because she was sick of being stuck in her chair, she wanted to explore places, run barefoot through the grass, climb around and scrape her knees. 
Likes: new things, beautiful views, things that often go unnoticed, meeting new people.
Dislikes: having to repeat herself,  waiting for others to catch up, getting left behind, people assuming anything about anybody, cheating, lying, lawfulness without consideration of the consequences
History/Bio:In the real world she is stuck ina wheel chair, unable to move anything below the waist because of spinal damage in an accident when she was a child. She is a chemist at the local pharmacy and joined the game looking for some form of freedom. 
Other: She hates sitting still, in the game she'd often pace around. 

Weapon(s): Spear
Strengths: Puzzles and mazes, problem solving
Weaknesses: Where brute force is required, self sacrifice, compensating for others
Shifts: Raven

Agility:       8/10  
Strength:     4/10
Attack Power:    5/10
Defensive Power: 8/10      
Speed:                8/10      
Intelligence:        9/10

I have three or four days off OuO


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